Need for Speed: Most Wanted Free Download PC Game Version

Criterion Games’ Need for Speed: Most Wanted is an open world driving action game. This racing game was released on November 2, 2012, by Electronic Arts, and it became a hit almost immediately. The game was initially available for the PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, and mobile phones and was launched in 2005 for the Xbox 360 system. It was later released for PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS as Need for Speed: Most Wanted, 5-1-0. In 2012, Criterion Games released a re-imagined version of the game.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Free Download PC Game Version

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Free Download PC Game Version

What is the game about?

This video game is set in an open-world environment that allows you to explore Fairhaven. This version is a blend of freedom and fantastical physics. The game is extremely realistic, and it is unlike any other analogue game, here the racer can sense the accuracy of the placement mechanics. With particular challenges to complete, a billboard to keep track of your progress, and multiple game modes, this edition is jam-packed with action and unmistakable realism. The players have a single goal: to take on the role of a street racer and compete against 15 of the city’s best street racers.


The gameplay in Need for Speed: Most Wanted is inspired by the style of the original Most Wanted in the Need for Speed franchise. You can choose your automobile and compete in three different types of races. There are sprint races in which you can race from one part of the city to another, circuit races in which you race around a track in a loop for typically three laps, and speed runs in which you race on a set course at the maximum average speed possible.

There will be upgrades available in these races, which can be earned by coming in second place or by winning it. The entire game is packed with entertaining races and elements that enhance the racing experience, such as Blacklist, Burnout Paradise, and so on.

Features of the game

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a game for any fan of vehicle racing video games. The features that distinguish this version from the others in the franchise are listed below.

  • Action that never stops

There are no menus, no lobbies, and no restrictions, only fierce competition. There is a range of activities to participate in which helps in collecting incentives along the journey. At your leisure, explore the vast world filled with nonstop adventure. There is a Blacklist, also known as The Most Wanted List, in which the names of the bosses must be defeated for the protagonist to win.

  • Compete against your friends

The game contains an auto-logging option that records all of your actions while playing. By keeping track of your scores, speeds, and times, you can compare them to your friends’ and beat them. This Autolog feature was first created by Criterion for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and after seeing how well it was received, it was integrated into the game environment rather than staying in the menu system.

  • Cloudcompete

This is a novel social system that has elevated this game to the forefront as a model of cross-compatibility. You’ll be able to utilize a single profile across all versions of the game, which will allow you to maintain track of your progress on other versions while playing on one format.

  • Not an arcade-styled model or a simulator model

This version of Need for Speed features a wide range of real-world automobiles, including muscle cars, street racetracks, and exotic locations. Paint colors, re-inflatable tires, engine, suspensions, nitrous oxide, and a skeleton that helps you bust through obstructions can all be added to your vehicle as visual and performance upgrades. EasyDrive is the name of this feature that allows you to design your vehicle, and all of the vehicles are available in the edition, but these are hidden in Fairhaven.

The most realistic version of the franchise is Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This racing game is packed with nonstop action and a variety of extra features that add to the game’s complexity. This game is for you if you get bored easily after a few laps of racing and concentrating on your pace. It’s a fun game with a variety of goals to complete and varied formats.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Free Game Download

Name Need for Speed Most Wanted
Initial Release Date 30 October 2012
Platforms Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Wii U
Developer Criterion Software
Publisher Electronic Arts
Mode Multiplayer Video game
Series Need for Speed
Category PC Games > Racing

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Free Download PC Game Version